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Escapology Clues and Answers 

Case 2 - Distillery Blue Prints 
Scroll down for more clues and the answer. 
This is a fairly straight forward physics puzzle, the alcohol drips slowly through the distillery system applying the laws of fluid dynamics. You must calculate the order that the containers will fill in and note down the numbers of the first 4 containers to fill up. There are a few tricky elements to look out for pipes that are walled off or blocked at exit will never transmit water and containers without a roof will overflow if an overflowing container is not inside another part of the network the water will never get any further. 
The first container to fill will be the open top entry container so your first number is 6. 
The second container to fill up is also numbered 6. 
The first container to fill will be the open top entry container so your first number is 6. Alcohol will then flow into but straight out of the container beneath it and into the second opened topped container with a value of 1. Initially water will trickle off down the left pipe into that container it can't go any further from there so it will feel that one second so your second number is 6. It'll then back up into the previous open top container and along the right hand pipe. Before that open-topped container is full though the water will start flowing down into the four junction central container, worth 4 and straight through it, to the second container below. 
From there the water flows into the 3 container just to its right, and straight down to the 4 container with the two right hand exits and one left hand exit. All those pipes lead up above the top of the lowest four container so that will fill up next, and your third number is 4. 
The pipe leading left from the four container is lower than the top of the open eight container immediately to its right, so that entire little complex of 3 containers that the left pipe leads to will fill up next. Since the large 1 container in that complex is taller than the two containers it leads to the next container to fill up first is the 6 container. 
The first 4 containers to fill up are 6646 
Add this number 6646 to the number you revealed from the symbols puzzle to open a lock. 
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