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Solve the puzzles below to get the code for case 1.  
The Cryptogram Puzzle - Hint 1 
H = 1 
R = 21 
N = 14 
The Wordsearch - Hint 1 
Find all of the words and mark them with a black line 
The Clocks Puzzle - Hint 1 
The hands on the New York clock are missing, i wonder what the time would be in NY? 
The Cryptogram Puzzle - Hint 2 
E = 19 
G = 18 
The Wordsearch- Hint 2 
Look at the black lines are they trying to tell you something? 
The Clocks Puzzle - Hint 2 
Answer - NY is 5 hours behind London  
The red magnets will help you figure out the code to case 2 
Red Magnets - Hint 1 
They would be attracted to something 
Red Magnets - Hint 2 
Look at the letters each of the magnets are covering 
The Flags and Map Puzzle will open one of the locks to case 3 
Flags and Map Puzzle - Hint 1 
Look closely at the map and use the grid reference numbers from each country  
Flags and Map Puzzle - Hint 2  
Those arent crosses on the map they could be mathmatical symbols 
The Light Switch and Binary puzzle will open one of the locks to case 3 
Light Switch Puzzle - Hint 1 
Use the the information on the binary code and the light switches that are On to figure out the code 
Light Switch Puzzle - Hint 2 
Take the value of each of the On switches for each row using the binary infromation for each row of switches, then add them all together to get a 3 digit code. 
Put together the puzzle pieces to get the code to case 4 
Puzzle Pieces - Hint 1 
The completed puzzle will give you a 4 digit number that also spells a word when upside down.  
Puzzle Pices - Hint 2 
The first number is a 3 
The UV Torch will reveal the code to case 5 
UV Torch - Hint 1  
Have you used the piece of card you found in case 3? 
UV Torch - Hint 2 
Shine the torch onto the piece of card to reveal the code 
The Art Puzzle will reveal the code to the final case 
Art Puzzle - Hint 1 
Using the orignal number artwork try and find the number missing of each of the other versions of the artwork. There is a different one missing on each.  
Art Puzzle - Hint 2  
The first number to the code is 6 and the last is 8 
The Hesian Bags will give you the code to the safe 
Hesian Bags - Hint 1 
Weigh each of the bags using the scales. 
Hesian Bags - Hint 2 
Can you spell a word using the letters on the hesian bags?  
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